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Dance Teaching Testimonials

"Taking Sumona’s classes you are immediately struck by her knowledge not only of the movements, but of the history and deeper meaning of each pose. She is impeccable in her movements and not only is she a fantastic and gifted dancer she is a superb teacher. This is a gift that not everyone possesses and she does it flawlessly.

Additionally, she is loving, encouraging at the same time maintaining high standards for students to achieve.

I cannot think of a better teacher, dancer and spirit than Sumona.  I have said it many times and I will say it again, she is a gift to this world." ~~Diana Londoño, California

"Smt./Mrs. Sumona protects you with her natural, maternal kindness.  All throughout her training, deep compassion comes through in her care to adjust the dance practice according to your body structure, making practice not only effective, but comfortable, as well.  

Since being a long-time, committed shishya (disciple) of Smt. Sumona for Bharata Natyam dancing, I've learned about her kind, genuine, authentic nature.  While learning from her, she'll not only make sure to teach you dance or yoga, but also how to be your authentic self, whether it be in dance or life.  

As you progress in your dance and yoga practice under her guidance, your spirituality will naturally deepen. Don't be afraid to embrace it!  Smt. Sumona will certainly make sure you recognize and appreciate the spiritual growth within you.  

Her methodology is one of maternal kindness, compassion and authenticity.  I am forever grateful to be her shishya.  

~~Miss. N.   

"Sumona's workshop, The Art of Mudras, was a uniquely rewarding experience, blending artistry, learning and performance in a powerful session.  Sumona has a warm and giving manner that lights up the room, and her spirit of generosity enriches her teaching in every way.  

In just a few hours, we learned the meaning of many sacred mudras (hand gestures), and their origins in the sacred texts.  We also learned a dance sequence from the Bharata Natyam tradition, and watched Sumona (a gifted performer) as she performed two very different traditional dances.  She gave us an extensive book with information to take away, so we were free to focus on the experience without documenting it.  

I highly recommend this workshop and personally will attend any future such events that she offers.  I know that her teaching has a deep spiritual foundation and is offered in a spirit of love."~~Una, Reston, Virginia

"Splurge on Sumona!  Sumona Apsara Parii is a spiritual being who teaches from her heart and pours her soul into the art of dance.  When you combine that passion into dance, it transforms into a creative expression of beauty that will leave an audience with an impact." ~~Neena H., California


"I just started Sumona's Bollywood dance class around 3 months ago, which was why I joined her class for fun.  I had learned one complete song from her.  She taught me another song, but this time she had used all Bharata Natyam (classical steps) in it.  I couldn't believe that I was actually learning this.  I never had any dance training before, so teaching a person like me, that, too, Bharata Natyam, is near impossible. 

However, she broke down each step and made me understand it.  She made sure each step she taught worked with my body.  She listened to all my questions and answered them.  She also taught me how to keep good posture for my dance through yoga, since she is also a good yoga teacher.  Her classroom is very safe and respectful.  She made me feel comfortable.  I am very blessed to have this opportunity to learn from such a wonderful teacher. ~~Sujata, Maryland

"Sumona choreographed and gave in-home private lessons to me and my two sons for a performance in May 2013. She was very responsive to our needs and wants.  She helped choose appropriate music and dance style for our purposes.  She had the music professionally mixed, as well.  Her style of teaching was patient, encouraging and creative.  She adapted for our abilities, likes and dislikes.  She also had a very good way with the children:  Such as making the moves meaningful to them--'move your hands like turning a light bulb; kick your leg like a soccer ball.'  She was encouraging and patient with them. 

Sumona ended the private lessons with a day to perfect the moves and conduct a dress rehearsal.  All was very helpful.  Sumona is a talented dancer and a wonderful teacher." ~~ Priya, Maryland  

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