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Bharata Natyam & Bollywood Dance

                                Photo Credit:  Prasad Photography

Bharata Natyam and Bollywood Dance are a deep performance-education of the rich traditions, heritage, culture, and spirituality of Indian dance, as well a way to teach students about the value of honest, devoted work, discipline, structure, passion and commitment.  

Bharata Natyam, a traditional South-Indian Classical Dance, is a spiritual artistic yoga.  It is one of the oldest dance forms in India--more than 4000 years old.    It has various sculpture-like poses and postures that come from yoga;   intricate footwork (Nritta--pure dance), meaningful hand gestures (Hasta Mudras) and facial expressions (Abhinaya), especially the eyes.  

All this conveys the myriad of characters revealed by the dance through the storytelling (Natya) of many Indian (especially Hindu) mythological stories.  

Bollywood Dance derives from India, specifically the Hindi Film Industry.  It is becoming very popular throughout the world.  It consists of various dances including--Indian Folk Dance, Bhangra, Semi-classical and classical dances, modern, as well contemporary dances.  



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