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"I hired Sumona Apsara Parii to perform at my daughter's wedding, and she did an outstanding performance. She is on time and you can tell she dances from the heart. I would give her 10 stars if I could, all our 350 guests enjoyed her performance. I recommend her because she is a great dancer."~~Roxanna Mannan, Centreville, Virginia

“Sumona Apsara Parii is not only an amazing artistic dancer but also a great teacher. We had an event celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander heritage with well over 300 in attendance and Sumona captivated the audience with her cultural performance and a fun interactive dance. Everyone loved the performance. In regards to logistics, Sumona was easy and flexible to work with; she even made sure she arrived early just in case of any traffic. Also, Sumona has the kindest spirit and personality. I highly recommend her for any event/venue. Thanks again Sumona!”~~LT John R. Santorum, U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington D.C.

"Sumona Apsara Parii came to perform an Indian Bollywood Dance at Hunter Mill Country Day School in February 2018 for cultural week.  She was very professional and engaging with the kids.  After her performance, she taught the children a few moves which they loved!  I myself got into the dancing moves.  It was a very fun show and we are so glad she was a part of our cultural week.  I highly recommend her for an educational and fun time. "~~ Amy Parrish, Preschool Teacher, Vienna, VA

"I have been watching Sumona Apsara Parii's classical dance performances on multiple occasions on stage.  In her ShivShakti School of Dance production in July 2017 I am and was greatly impressed by her artistic and expressive movements, and mastery over various forms of classical dances portraying the centuries old cultural and spiritual traditions, so very ingrained in rich Indian heritage.  She, with her symmetrical performance, demonstrates great energy, and her artistic gestures are really vivid and forceful.  She takes the art as a challenge to portray the inner spiritual sentiments in such a way that leaves one spellbound and absorbed.  Her leaping and whirling movements are a treat to watch, which unfurl the depth of emotions and spiritual feelings, leaving a great imprint in one's mind and soul.  Her vibrancy and imagery, as well devotional aspect is a treat to watch, and par excellence, which also signifies her sincere feeling of love and compassion for all.  This is, as if, a journey to spiritualism through art.  Indeed, her passion for the art, as well the spiritual values, she greatly endears, provide stimulus for successfully treading the challenging path she has chosen.  

Sumona's blending of Indian classical style and today's Bollywood dance numbers is really enchanting and a thrill to watch.  

One feels confident that her devotion and spiritual immersion into the classical art will still take her to new heights, and she will surely accomplish even greater success in the days to come. ~~Razi Rizvi, Urdu Service, Voice of America, Washington D.C

"It is with great pleasure that I highly commend Sumona Apsara Parii for her exceptional interpretation of Indian dances in her  2017 ShivShakti School of Dance dance production.   Her movements are remarkable. She is able to evoke emotions with facial expressions or even with the slightest wave of her hands and feet. Some of her choreography is traditional, but many of her dances reflect her own creativity. Her stage presence, facial expressions, and costumes all enhance her story telling and add to the enjoyment that she shares with her audiences. It is impossible not to be engrossed and captivated by her performances. In addition to her individual productions, she is also an exceptional teacher of this beautiful art form."  ~~Ralph Nurnberger, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University

"I had the great pleasure in having an opportunity to watch Sumona Apsara Parii's artistic performances in DC and MD. Her vitality, expressions and involvement in the art of classical and semi classical numbers are amazing that give a very serene feeling. Her performance is marked by her inner feelings of  love and admiration for the human values and Divinity. One amazing thing in her art is that she demonstrates a good combination of the age old tradition of classical dancing and  contemporary moves.  In one of  her ShivShakti School of Dance dance production (July 2017)  I was thrilled to watch her performing, among other dance versions, on a very popular number sung by famous Indian singer Talat Mahmood, and it was really enchanting. I can confidently say that Sumona's performances are a reflection of her simple and loving demeanor in her day to day life.  Wishing her all the successes, as she moves forward to achieving her ambitions."~~T.R., Maryland 

"I loved seeing Sumona Apsara Parii's dance performances in her (July 2017) ShivShakti School of Dance dance production. Her ability to tell stories with both ups and downs through dance was a true work of art.  I really enjoyed the choreography and the outfits.  Best of all, was Sumona's artistic expressions.  Thanks for letting us be a part of it!"~~Juspreet Kaur, San Antonio, Texas

"Sumona Aspara Parii is a dancer with soul. I was in the audience recently (July 2017) for a self-choreographed stage-of-life performance, ShivShakti School of Dance dance production.  The story was rendered through beautiful dance styles, reflecting the deepest level of Hindu spirituality.  With a mode of gesture fluid and expressive, Sumona told stories more powerfully in dance than could have been told in words."~~Andrew Baird, former Journalist of Voice of America, Washington D.C. 

"The rapture of the dance performances by Sumona Apsara Parii are breath-taking.  She moves so exquisitely and appears to the audience as a sculpture of such spectacular animation that will mesmerize anyone as they experience her tremendous talent."~~Delia Johnson, Director of IBB Office of Civil Rights/Voice of America, Washington D.C

"I had the pleasure of arranging a performance featuring Sumona Apsara Parii in the fall of 2013 for the United States Defense Security Services Asian Pacific American Heritage inaugural program. Sumona's dance is touching and precise, a very difficult balance to achieve. The entire audience could feel her energy and grace throughout her performance. Her expressions and movements are tremendous and you can feel her emotions as she dances! As a Bharathanatyam dancer myself, I know a great artist when I see one, and Sumona definitely fits the bill. She is truly gifted and her dance touches your soul."~~Archana K. Bae, Mclean, VA

"Sumona Apsara Parii embodies the spirit of yoga and Indian dance with her Mudra Workshop, which includes a complete overview of  ancient yogic gestures and classical Bharata Natyam. The exquisite details in both her lecture and performance are a rare combination. Both educational and entertaining, the Mudra Workshop highlights the marriage between yoga postures (asanas) and classical Indian dance. Her performance is beautiful and mesmerizing. This is truly a unique learning experience."~~ Valerie Samuell, Co-founder of The Buddha B Yoga Center, Washington D.C

"We were so fortunate to host Beauty of Indian Dance with Sumona at Woodrow Wilson Community Library. Her graceful performance was very much enjoyed by children and adults. The audience participated in the dance and enjoyed the workout, and asked for more. We commend Sumona Apsara Parii for her energy, art and sharing her talent in our community. Thank you Sumona Apsara Parii."~~Kay Karim, Woodrow Wilson Library, Falls Church, VA.    

"Sumona Apsara Parii gave a beautiful dance exhibition for my husband'’s 73rd birthday celebration.  Not only did she provide some exquisite traditional solo dances for the celebration, but she also involved the guests in a delightful “Bollywood” dance that was suitable for all ages attending the event.  Sumona’'s dancing brought sparkle, fun, and joy which helped to make this an unforgettable birthday event.  I would highly recommend Sumona as an addition to any event as her talent is remarkable.  She is adaptable to the needs of the client, and she is a delight to work with."  ~~Lon & Pat Sandoval, Diamond Bar, CA

"Sumona Apsara Parii is a talented classical Bharata Natyam dancer and choreographer.  I would recommend Sumona to anyone interested in the art of dance from India, either to learn Indian dancing from her or to have her perform or choreograph in your next event or wedding."  ~~Sujata, The Healing Gardens, Costa Mesa, CA

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