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 Bharata Natyam & Bollywood Dance                            Class Description


                                                   Photo Credit: Prasad Photography


At ShivShakti School of Dance, Bharata Natyam, a South-Indian Classical Dance, is taught (as of yet) only in Beginners and Intermediate levels.  

Advance Bharata Natyam training (will) commence sometime in the future.  Stay tuned to that.  

Beginners Bharata Natyam:

This course/class introduces students to the fundamentals of Bharata Natyam.  Some of the core areas include the origin, evolution, as well significance of Bharata Natyam as a classical Indian dance.  

  • Basic Postures

  • Adavus (fundamental footsteps)

  • Hand, Neck and Eye Movements 

  • Alarippu

  • Pushpanjali

Prerequisite:  None 

Intermediate Bharata Natyam:

This course/class extends the strong foundation acquired by students in the previous level and introduces them to the actual implementation of the basic steps, hand, neck movements and also more facial expressions (Abhinaya).  Some of the core areas include:

  • Jathiswaram 

  • Padams

  • Dance Drama 

  • Karanas 

Prerequisite:  Must complete Beginners level or equivalent credentials

Dress Code:  Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing such as Indian Salwaar Kameez or Dance Saree, etc.  They will be able to better engage in dance movements this way.  In addition, they need to have their hair tied back and wear a bindi (especially in Bharata Natyam classes).  


Bollywood Dance is taught in varied stages, though

each level, actually, blends into the other.  Students 

 learn movements of the following dances:

  • Classical Indian Dances

  • Semi-Classical Indian Dances

  • Bhangra (North-Indian Folk Dance)

  • Garba (West-Indian Folk Dance)

  • Contemporary & Modern Indian Dances   

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